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Since 1992, the Ludwigshafen University of Applied Sciences has offered a major in Japan at the East Asia Institute (OAI) as part of its very successful International Business Management (East Asia) programme, which is almost unique in Germany. As in the other specialisations, our students receive a sound business education with all relevant subjects (e.g. marketing, accounting, finance, economics, etc.) supplemented by regional studies courses with a connection to Japan and intensive Japanese language training. In the third year of study, there is also a compulsory study visit to Japan. For this purpose, the OAI has built up a broad network of partner universities in Japan, which has few equivalents in the German university landscape. Currently, 12 Japanese universities are linked in partnership with the East Asia Institute, including top Japanese universities such as Sophia University in Tokyo. There is also the possibility of organising the second semester in Japan as an internship. Our partners here include Mitsubishi Fuso and Bosch. Graduates of the programme have excellent career opportunities in international companies and other institutions as well as for admission to excellent Master’s programmes.

Japan has the world’s third largest economy in terms of gross domestic product. The country is home to some of the largest and most advanced companies in the automotive, electronics, engineering and pharmaceutical sectors, as well as in many other industries. Japan also holds numerous top positions in research: 24 Nobel Prizes in physics, chemistry or medicine impressively demonstrate Japan’s leadership in basic research. Not to forget robotics, around 20% of the world’s industrially used robots work in Japan.

After Germany, Japan is the fourth strongest exporting nation. For the EU as well as for Germany, the country is the second most important trading partner in Asia after China. Furthermore, Germany and Japan have been linked in many ways for over 150 years. This begins with a very early exchange of knowledge and technology, the mutually high regard for their cultures, and extends to comparable historical experiences in the 20th century. Japan also inspires many Germans as a cultural nation. This is exemplified by literature and theatre, traditional martial arts such as judo and karate, as well as anime and manga in more recent times. The International Business Management (East Asia) programme focuses on Japan and offers students the opportunity to combine this enthusiasm with a sound business education that prepares students for further studies and the job market.

You don’t even have to move all the way to Asia to make contact with Japanese companies: In our Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region, there are numerous companies with connections to Japan or with a Japanese parent company, including right here at our Ludwigshafen location. The first steps into a Japanese working world can therefore be taken directly on site.

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