The Rhein-Galerie is a shopping centre in the city of Ludwigshafen am Rhein.

Welcome to Ludwigshafen

When you arrive at Mannheim Central Station, it only takes a short hop across the Rhine and you are in Ludwigshafen. Ludwigshafen is a classic working-class city. As the location of major employers such as BASF and numerous medium-sized companies, the city in the middle of the economically strong Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region offers excellent opportunities for our graduates.

The proximity to France is reflected in the joie de vivre of our region, the Palatinate. Famous for its winegrowing (which, by the way, you can also study at our university!), the sunny and mild climate, the Palatinate is known for its numerous festivals with good food and drink. It is not for nothing that our region is also called the “Tuscany of Germany”.

The East Asia Institute is located directly on the Rhine. A 10-minute walk along the riverbank promenade will take you to the Parkinsel (Park Island) with its beautiful city park and Germany’s largest film festival. A 10-minute walk in the opposite direction will take you to the Rhein-Galerie, the largest shopping mall in Ludwigshafen and thus the city’s shopping centre.

Culturally, the city has a lot to offer: The Wilhelm Hack Museum with its famous facade by Miró, the German State Philharmonic Orchestra of Rhineland-Palatinate or the Theatre in the Pfalzbau. In addition to the film festival, other major events such as the International Street Festival and the Ludwigshafen Summer of Culture take place regularly.

And don’t forget the sister city of Mannheim with its many offers for going out. To party, students are particularly drawn to the Zimmer in Mannheim’s Quadraten, and in Ludwigshafen to the Irish or Alex , both just a few minutes’ walk from the institute. Regional cuisine is offered by the traditional Maffenbayer in Ludwigshafen with a cosy beer garden in summer. Very centrally located in Mannheim is the restaurant The East with Asian specialities, the Yangtse is a popular venue for our student Christmas parties.

Facts and figures

  • Population: 168,500
  • Students: 4500
  • University: 1
  • Rent / month: 5.96 €/m² (2017)
  • Website: www.ludwigshafen.de
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